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Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl. I'm 22 years old and I live in Southern California.


This blog is a side blog for my reviews, fashion, cosplay, and other things that I don't want cluttered on my main blog.


If you want to sponsor me, please send me an ask or email me at ribcagekitten[at]gmail[dot]com.


Here are the items I got from viridianlavinia's giveaway! <3 ;3; If you haven’t followed them yet, I really recommend it.

  • A lovely handwritten note.
  • LA Colors Eyeshadow in “Sweet Pleasure”.
  • Chocolate and candy themed stickers.
  • Bath Fizz (which is super lovely! This was added instead of chocolate due to the heat. It’s been super hot where I live too.)
  • Lipsmackers Chapstick
  • Root Chocolate Truffle Candle
  • A chocolate cupcake candle.

Thank you again!

If you guys want any reviews on these items, let me know! :3

I made a RedBubble shop recently and I am putting up different designs on there.

Feel free to check it out! It has shirts, stickers, phone cases and more! ;w;

So I recently won a giveaway held by Fuzzy Moon and received this super cute necklace and a discount code!

Here is a small review!

This necklace is super cute and could work for different styles like lolita, fairy kei, and even casual wear.

The main part of the necklace I believe it made out of resin. I really love the way this necklace sparkles, it is filled with glitter and cute decorative pieces such as rhinestones and star confetti. The ribbons add a lovely soft touch.

I absolutely love stars and purple, so this necklace makes me super happy. I really like the dangling star from the castle, it’s really dreamy.

I do recommend being careful with the chain since it is thin and if mishandled it could possibly break. However, the chain is really cute itself.

Overall I really love this necklace and I can’t wait to order from Fuzzy Moon in the future! I recommend checking them out and consider ordering from them.

This necklace from what I was told is not in the store yet, so if you are interested in it, let the shop owner know you’d like to see some in the store!

Thanks again, Fuzzy Moon!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, everyone. I’ve been busy!

Anyways, here is a giveaway prize I had won from SwanStar DesignsBeing a Doctor Who fan, I couldn’t pass entering this giveaway and looking at their lovely work!

This prize included a beautifully printed Tardis they had designed and two cards with the Tardis as well.  believe they had screen printed/silk screened the print itself, either way it’s very nice quality. I plan on hanging it up in my room soon.

I have a few friends interested in Doctor Who, so I will have to decide who to send these to when I do.

Overall, this was a lovely prize to receive, and I thank SwanStar Designs for hosting it!

Check out their website and Facebook to learn more about them and their products!


Hey guys!

I’m looking for someone to sponsor/promote my little etsy shop, called darlingbhuman……..Reblog this so I can check some of you out, and of course the things I send you will be yours to keep for free, in exchange for a few shoutouts and photos!

As much as I hate doing the whole annoying ‘how many followers do you have,’ it kind of plays a big part when it comes to promoting a shop! So this is always a plus, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be chosen, I just want to find someone cute and nice and also trustworthy!

If you’re chosen and keep your word, as well as like my things, I will continue sending you free stuff and give you your own promo-code.

This includes tumblr, instagram, twitter, and facebook!

I have this blog and two other blogs I could help promote on, as well as other social media. I don’t have a lot of followers though, but combined with the different social media I guess it could count. ;w;’

Either way, super cute items! Best of luck with your shop, I’ll check it out myself.