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Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl. I'm 22 years old and I live in Southern California.


This blog is a side blog for my reviews, fashion, cosplay, and other things that I don't want cluttered on my main blog.


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Wig Review: Full Short Bob

Shipping: The shipping on the wig was pretty fast, about a week. It came in a plastic envelope packet, the wig itself came in it’s own bag, a hair net, and with a free wig cap.

Quality: It’s overall nice quality. The wig itself is very soft and doesn’t look like it’ll tangle much. The bangs/fringe are pre-cut, however I need to trim them so they don’t cover my eyes.

I ordered mine in light brown, but I received a darker brown than I was expecting. I assume the lightest brown shade is flaxen. I think that if the seller had the colors connected to photos, I would have ordered the color I had in mind. So be careful when ordering particular colors.

I had ordered this for my Mako cosplay, so for now it’ll work until I can get a correct colored wig. It could easily work for fashion and cosplay.

Hopes this is of help to someone!

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